Wednesday, August 3

35 Weeks + Maternity Photos

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Five(ish) more weeks until we'll be swimming in baby snuggles and tiny toes and onesies and we're SO EXCITED. We've had more than a few discussions about what he'll look like--blue eyes, hazel eyes, dark hair, blond hair? Tall or short? Freckles or no? Google has been invaluable for refreshing us on Punnett Squares (my favorite part of my ninth-grade genetics unit in Biology) but I guess we'll still have to wait and see. I don't sleep well anymore (between the constant heartburn, rolling over to get comfortable, and million bathroom breaks) but when I do sleep I literally dream ONLY about labor. Thank you, birthing classes. And thank you, a little more sincerely, to the mountains for producing these amazing wildflowers for our maternity photos.

Thursday, July 14

Lake life

Our annual trip to Lake Powell was, as usual, pretty perfect (other than the fact that my brother couldn't get work off for it and my feet swelled up like I had elephantitis). The water was warm, we found some secluded areas, and the sunsets were spectacular. More importantly, unlike last year, John and I slept inside the boat so we didn't have to deal with any bats or coyotes. 42 34 16 18 5 2 8
This was one corner of the area we stayed in. It was perfect because the water abruptly got shallow and there was a little shelf of red rock you could sit on. I was grateful for anywhere I could take off my life jacket (they don't really fit over pregnant bellies. Someone invent a maternity life jacket already!)31
We really aren't sure how any more baby is going to fit in there.
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My dad's farmers tan is always very impressive. 7
Me and my elephant feet didn't make this hike.22 1
Unfortunately the buffalo burger place we like to stop at on the way home was closed, but we did manage to snag some ice cream at our favorite shop in Panguitch. The salted caramel was excellent so if you ever are traveling through small town Utah make sure you visit Scoops from the Past.

Tuesday, June 14

Hello third trimester

[Unrelated photos of John and Remi . . . we have yet to document the third trimester belly].

I was telling my dad the other day that the first trimester (and part of the second) felt like it lasted YEARS. I was beyond sick of being sick. But then magic week 17 hit and since then, the time has really flown by. Baby Coles will be here in less than three months! Which is probably a good thing because my organs are starting to feel squished and he's discovered that pushing on my ribs is apparently very entertaining. So much fun.

We're finally getting around to starting on the nursery after finishing up a few other house projects. The crib is in the garage getting a fresh coat of paint, a few of my favorite items from Minted are on their way, and my bathroom breaks and random pains are becoming more and more frequent so John is doing the majority of the work. Just the way I like it.

Wednesday, June 8

Wedding time

Here we have my first wedding videography project featuring my little brother and his new wife. I would ask for constructive criticism but let's face it, it took hours and hours so even if you don't love it . . . I insist that you love it. ;)

Friday, June 3

Week with the Mouse

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A little Disneyland recap: we came, we ate (corndogs and beignets and ice cream and some mint juleps for good measure), we conquered the rides (although some of us were stuck riding Peter Pan and Small World over and over). I finally got my Minnie Ears courtesy of John, and my parents sat through the entire Tiki Room show with me because nothing says love like skipping Indiana Jones to listen to singing birds with your 25-year-old. ;)

Monday, May 23

These days

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These days we're enjoying plenty of evenings on the porch but also plenty of mornings inside listening to the rain.

These days baby is kicking harder and frequently, but 95% of the time when I tell John to put his hand on my stomach and feel, he immediately stops (we're not sure if he's shy or just stubborn but obviously he's psychic).

These days John is installing a new wood floor in the bedroom (our gift to ourselves since our 2-year anniversary is at the beginning of June).

These days I'm waiting for the climbing roses he planted at the back of the house to grow. Patience is not my strong point.

These days my wedding ring can't fit comfortably over my swollen fingers and I'm not sure where my ankles are disappearing to.

These days John's evenings are filled with coaching Little League baseball.

These days my heart is bursting every time I hear him pray at night "please bless our baby that he'll grow healthy and strong."

These days I'm attempting to make 20 minutes of singing fun since I'm the new primary chorister at church.

These days I really can't complain.

Wednesday, May 11

The time we spent Mother's Day with the dolphins (way to show up, whales)

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As a special Mother's Day treat to me (made possible by the fact that we happened to be in California), John booked a whale watching tour. We woke up early, checked out of our hotel, and drove to Balboa, where we boarded a ship and headed out into the open water. Neither of us had ever seen a whale in the wild so we were pretty dang excited (John had seen captive whales at SeaWorld and TECHNICALLY I have also, but I was two and have no memories of that experience).

We were reassured that just the day before several gray whales were spotted so we were feeling pretty confident that THIS was going to be the magical morning of our first large mammal sighting. Unfortunately the whales were feeling shy because we spotted exactly zero. Not even one tiny whale to be found. 

The dolphins clearly felt bad about the whole whale no-show because they really were overachievers. We must have seen at least 100, all jumping in and out of the waves and swimming along the bow and twirling just barely beneath the surface of the water, in perfect view. I've swam with (trained) dolphins before, which is an amazing experience in and of itself, but seeing them play and hunt in the open water was something completely different.

John and I spent a good chunk of the time saying things like, Don't you think we should go again when the baby comes? and Oh my gosh, he'd love this. Which actually, he probably won't for a few years at least. But since we're SO CLOSE to being first-time parents, we're allowed to be overly-excited about age-inappropriate activities. (I think that's the rule?) On the way back in to the harbor we saw a few sea lions, but they were real bummers in comparison to the dolphins. Way to lounge around and do absolutely nothing, sea lions.

As the icing on my Mother's Day cake, my family flew in and met us in preparation for our big Disneyland trip this week. We split the day between Balboa and Laguna Beach and it was full of slightly cool temperatures, pizza on the pier, waffle cones, little shops, and beach bunnies. Literally, some family brought their three adult rabbits and a whole stroller full of tiny baby bunnies. They ran around on the sand (?) and I don't even know, but if I lived by the ocean I would FOR SURE take my family of rabbits on beach excursions.