Tuesday, May 22

I Thought I Might Be a Boy Mom Forever

...and I actually LOVE having a little boy and would have been totally thrilled to have another, but it's a girl!

IMG_7347 IMG_7309 IMG_7325
We are beyond excited to have a little boy and a little girl and just can't believe our luck. Bring on all the floral and dresses and bows!

Monday, April 23

Spring finally sprang (sprung?)

IMG_7129 IMG_7146 IMG_7134 IMG_7172 IMG_7147 IMG_7176 IMG_7153 IMG_7159 IMG_7189 IMG_7184 IMG_7199 IMG_7203 IMG_7205 IMG_7209
Tonight for family night we walked to the bakery that's right up the street and got Everett's first Dole Whip, then strolled around the lake quacking at every duck (or maybe that was just the littlest member of the family). When we got home we pulled weeds while Everett practiced his loudest, most forced but admittedly hilarious laugh. And the air smelled like the blossoms on our trees and the sun was glowy and golden and we could hear the baby birds tucked in our neighbor's honeysuckle arbor chirping excitedly. Really I'd be fine with spring staying forever, especially if summer is destined to bring swollen pregnancy ankles. ;)

**Harrison's Hatties was kind enough to reach out to me and send Everett his favorite new hat. I highly recommend them to anyone with a little boy - Everett is constantly wanting it on.

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Monday, April 16

The weekend we escaped the snow

This past weekend was stake conference at church for us, so with the prospect of not having to find substitutes to teach our classes we spontaneously decided on Friday to drive down to Las Vegas after work and visit my grandma. It was a great few days full of rock-throwing, book reading, golfing, duck chasing, turtle watching, outlet shopping, pancake eating . . . all of the good stuff.

My grandma lives in the same house I've been visiting most of my childhood, so it's a bit like going back in time when we make it down there. Lunch is typically sandwiches and potato chips and cottage cheese, just like it was back when I was five, and the toys are the same ones I played with growing up. We read and re-read the books I loved the most in the cupboard, like Bony Legs and Brer Rabbit and The Puppy Who Wanted a Boy and there's this comfortable familiarity with all of that remaining constant. It's the best kind of time machine. If only my grandpa was still sitting in the rocking chair in the garage wearing his cowboy hat the picture would be complete.

Everett and my grandma further bonded over bottled apricots and sidewalk chalk, we finally saw The Greatest Showman, and thanks to the drive John and I got hours of mostly-uninterrupted talking time. It really was a perfect little getaway. Thank you to my grandma for being the best last-minute host. We love you!

Obligatory beginning-of-roadtrip stop at Swig.IMG_7029 2
Turns out if you aggressively approach a turtle they don't stick around1 IMG_7033 IMG_7036 IMG_7044 3
He stole John's lemonade and you better believe he drank almost the whole thing by himself. (So proud).IMG_7055 IMG_7075 IMG_7078 IMG_7086

Thursday, April 12

On a snowy spring day

IMG_7027 IMG_7022 IMG_7012 IMG_7000 IMG_7028 IMG_7007
I have to admit, I miss posting here. Instagram is easier, but I love having somewhere to write down our little family stories regardless of how many people will read them (because you bet I go back and laugh/cry at years-old posts) . . . so hopefully I'll be around this blog much more often than I have been for the past few several months. This morning the weather decided that spring is overrated and dumped the biggest, fluffiest snowflakes I've ever seen all over my freshly-planted garden. Of course.

I hurried and bundled Everett up and we ran outside to play (for all of two minutes. Boy does not love snow in general). Then we came inside, pulled off our wet coats and hats and mittens and slipped into sweats and shared a big bowl of ramen, because sometimes that's all my pregnant stomach can handle. And when I got distracted he said "boop" (soup) very insistently and pointed to his mouth. He takes eating as seriously as his mama does and I'm so proud.

On the agenda for tonight: the spicy cherry tomato sauce I made and froze last week (with penne! and asparagus! and fruit and strawberry dip! because we have all those things and I am NOT leaving the house to go to the grocery store today), Everett's typical bedtime routine--which involves telling every single object in the house "night night" followed by me singing any variety of primary songs while he keeps one arm around his fox and the other around his horse, and then probably some silly/terrible TV show for me while John plays basketball at the community center. If things get really crazy I might even enjoy some crackers and cheese in bed. Who knows? The world is my oyster.

Wednesday, April 11

The post where we finally announce we're becoming the FOUR OF US(!)

IMG_6988 copy IMG_6976 IMG_6978 In case you don't follow me on Instagram and missed our big family update here (it's my favorite), we're adding another little one to the family this September! And if you're keeping track, yes . . . this does mean all four of us will have September birthdays. (I swear we did not plan that and we'd actually prefer things a liiiiittle more spread out but what can you do?) When I saw the double lines appear I was thinking something along the lines of "ohmygosh are we really doing this again??" but two seconds later I was BEYOND EXCITED for tiny baby fingers and little puckered lips and fuzzy hair (just assuming). I'm savoring my remaining one-on-one time with Everett but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't thrilled to be doing this mama thing all over again!

Monday, January 15


Here we are and I'm feeling so good about this year! I have some health, spiritual, and personal goals that I'm ready to tackle and my little boy finally sleeps ALL NIGHT with zero early-morning nursing sessions (honestly thrilled about that but still feeling a little bittersweet about that whole nursing journey being over). Life is good. I'm hoping to update this blog a little more . . . but we'll see. I still love it but it's taken backseat to chasing Everett around. We're working on a kitchen and a bathroom remodel along with a billion other tiny projects, we're hoping to renovate a camping trailer in the next few months, we've scheduled a trip to Disneyland, and we're dreaming of some fun summer travels. I'm normally a happy person, but especially this month I'm feeling so optimistic and grateful for my life.

Tuesday, November 21


Now that Thanksgiving is in three days I'm posting about Halloween. I'm really struggling at this blog thing recently.

This is the face he makes when he shows his muscles (our favorite trick). IMG_6272 IMG_6278 pumpkin1 pumpkin3 1 2 3 4
John had been planning for a year to have Everett dress as Nacho Libre (likely the most quoted movie at our house). I wasn't convinced we could make it happen but thanks to Hobby Lobby, the sewing skills of my sister-in-laws, and my eyeliner mustache skills we made it happen. He was a big hit at the ward Halloween party, where he showed his muscles to anyone who asked and begged for two bowls of ham and potato soup. On Halloween night he ate exactly zero pieces of candy and didn't do any trick-or-treating (we tell ourselves we're fun parents but let's get real) so we've definitely avoided setting his expectations too high for next year. Smart right?