Wednesday, February 15

The Year I Had TWO Valentines

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Valentine's Day this year involved a romantic dinner for two (hint: the two of us that can eat solid foods) while baby stayed home with his aunt. There was sushi, there was chocolate coconut cheesecake, there was excellent conversation and exactly zero plates were grabbed by tiny little hands. After we picked Everett up we went home and John presented me with a bouquet of pink roses ("from Everett") and my new favorite eyeshadow palette which really is amazing (but of course John was just amazed by the cost of makeup). We rounded off the night with a few episodes of Robin Hood since John is in a hurry to finish the series before it leaves Netflix and a couple slices of the best-ever homemade banana bread (courtesy of my mom).

Having TWO valentines (not to mention family I'm pretty crazy about) to share this day of love with is the best.

Thursday, February 9

A Random February Photo Dump

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A few family updates because Everett decided sleep was for losers last night and I'm not coherent enough to put together a real blog post:

-We've been working on our master bathroom. At the moment it's unusable (no sink, no tile, and most importantly no toilet) but hopefully we'll be finishing it up in the next couple of weeks.
-John's been working 6 days a week since January. Tax season is the worst.
-I've been busy with primary and activity days and keeping a child alive.
-Everett has developed an obsession with faces and hands (he'll play with mine for hours). He's also very good at shooting his hand up and clawing your eyeballs when it's 2 AM and you're half asleep nursing him. He's so fast you'd never see him coming.
-We have a Valentine's Day dinner reservation sans baby and it's been a looooong time so I plan on fully appreciating eating a meal with two hands.

Monday, January 16

Adios, bronchiolitis

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We survived a week of colds, gigantic canker sores (me) and bronchiolitis (Everett). Sleep is slowly returning after being almost completely absent for days and it feels so good! Being a mom is tough stuff when you have a sick little man. Here's to a new week, good riddance germs.

Monday, January 2

Four Months of Everett

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[Flashback photos because I discovered these on my memory card the other day and I can’t get over them]

My little man is now officially four months old. These have been the most challenging and by far the best and most wonderful four months of my life.

I’ve spent long nights rocking and bouncing and singing, changed hundreds of diapers and been leaked on and spit up on and had my hair pulled and my arms pinched. I’ve seen first smiles and heard first laughs; I’ve sang primary songs at 3 in the morning driving on dark neighborhood roads with a crying baby in the back seat. I’ve neglected laundry and dishes in favor of kissing a little fuzzy head or laying next to him as he napped and I didn’t feel guilty about it because like the poem says babies don’t keep.

This baby consumes my every thought and I don’t know how to describe it other than this, this being a mother, is so beautiful and lonely and trying and incredible, and it’s absolutely what I was born to do. Give me ALL the babies, I definitely need at least twenty more if they’re all as perfect as this one. ;)

I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always, as long as I’m living my baby you’ll be.

Tuesday, December 27

And Just Like That, Another Christmas in the Books

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Christmas has come and gone (and I'm still sitting here crying about it). We always have a big Christmas Eve dinner at my parents' house and a big Christmas Day dinner at John's parents' house. In between, we opened presents, played with Everett's toys, and went to church (did anyone else LOVE having Christmas on a Sunday?). I got a new lens that I've been playing around with, so prepare for a picture overload. Monday was so relaxed and fun - a trip to the mall, a Chinese take-out dinner and movie, and John's homemade guacamole were the highlights.

If only Christmas could be EVERY DAY. (Minus the wrapping presents part. I hate wrapping).

PS. That adorable puppy belongs to my brother and sister-in-law. As much as my husband wants another one, I can't handle a three-month-old, a dog, and a puppy.

Friday, December 23

Taking Stock (pt 4)

1 2 Making: deep dark gingerbread waffles and they are AMAZING
Eating: the best grapefruit ever that John got at work for Christmas and insists he doesn't want
Drinking: mostly water from my Yeti (best thing ever, it keeps my water ice cold from morning until night)
Reading: The Woman on the Orient Express and so far I'm really liking it
Wanting: this freezing rain to turn into snow. Nobody likes cold rain, seriously
Looking: at pictures of my baby (all day every day #momlife)
Wishing: my gifts would magically wrap themselves. Am I the only one that hates wrapping presents? 
Enjoying: the giggles Everett is giving us occasionally these days
Waiting: for Christmas to be here in TWO MORE DAYS
Dreaming: about our upcoming Andersen Family Reunion in Lake Powell next summer. Everett has the cutest teeny-tiny lifejacket (which was of course gifted to him by my parents at my baby shower because summer=Lake Powell)
Liking: that the pants I bought a month after having a baby are basically falling off me at this point. FINALLY I'M SHRINKING. Unfortunately there's still quite a bit to go
Wondering: why Everett has decided he can only sleep for two hours at night before he needs to eat? 
Loving: the new floors John's been installing in our kitchen and living room (so so pretty and SO much better than our old orange-y laminate)
Hoping: we can squeeze in a few more Christmas movies before Sunday
Marveling: that it was one year ago next week that we discovered we were having a baby
Needing: to finish our 2016 Coles Family Album
Smelling: fresh Christmas tree + cinnamon wall plug-in (a throwback to last year but it's still true)
Wearing: scarves! boots! aka all the good stuff
Noticing: that my wedding ring fits well again. Swollen pregnancy fingers, I don't miss you
Thinking: Kindle Unlimited is the greatest thing to happen to me this month
Feeling: all-around, perfect contentment
Bookmarking: all the kitchens . . . kitchen facelift, I hope you aren't too far away

Monday, December 19

Procrastinators Unite

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There is exactly a zero percent chance that I'll be sending out Christmas cards this year. Let's face it, I'm still working on thank you notes from my baby showers. Side note: it was frigid when we snapped these so that explains Everett's face. To make up for my procrastination check out this cute video of my baby (and try not to judge the two Swig cups in the background. In my defense, they're John's. Oh, and three cheers for that tan bedroom door that's been waiting for a whole year now for a new coat of white paint).