Wednesday, November 30

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

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John picked out our Christmas tree this year in the middle of a snowstorm (literally). It was completely covered in snow and when we got home and thawed it out he said, "Great, we bought a dead tree!" It's actually still alive, but the bottom branches look a little pathetic. Everett doesn't care because it's covered in lights (his favorite) and Remi doesn't care because it's perfect for sniffing (his favorite) and I don't care because I just love Christmas so dang much.

I decorated it while John made noises and funny faces at Everett with snow falling and Christmas music in the background and then we (the adults) drank some toasted coconut hot chocolate. It was better than any Christmas movie I've seen. I'm the luckiest girl to get to spend the holidays with my favorite boys.

Monday, November 14

This is just to say

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My baby slept from 11:30 to 5:00 last night and it was HEAVENLY. I'm praying for a repeat performance tonight but I'm not holding my breath.

(But really I kinda am).

Friday, November 11

Everett’s Nursery

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I’m admitting right off the bat that this nursery was really John’s labor of love. I did most of the planning and purchasing, but he did the planked wall, painted the crib, the doors, and the walls, built the shelves (aka all the hard stuff), and put it all together while I was in the hospital.

A few details: The Mickey Mouse on the shelf was John’s when he was little, and we bought the monkeys on our honeymoon in Mexico. We got the runner on the dresser while we were in Guatemala (where John served a mission). The crib was purchased off KSL and John painted it Sherwin-Williams’ “Repose Gray.” The doors are all “Frosty Grass” by Valspar, the rug is from Rugs USA, and the blanket on the crib was a gift from my aunt.

I don’t know what else to say other than it’s currently my favorite room in the house, and I’m pretty crazy about the guy that did it (when I thanked him for doing it for Everett, he said, “I didn’t do it for Everett, I did it for Everett’s mom”). He’s a keeper for sure.

Sunday, November 6

The blessing

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This weekend was one for the books. After we spent all Saturday frantically mopping/dusting/cleaning we spent Sunday listening to John give Everett his beautiful blessing, then talking and eating with family and friends. We managed to squeeze everyone into our little house and Everett didn't have any blowouts in his white suit, so I'm going to say it was a success. I'm the luckiest girl.

Monday, October 31


Happy Halloween from Everett the Friendly Ghost! 

Sunday, October 30

The one where we're a little wary of those orange things...

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My little pumpkin was a bit unsure about the whole "pumpkin patch" thing this year. I think Halloween in general will go over his head (despite the fact that he and his dad are the cutest ghostbuster/ghost duo I've ever seen). Next year we'll all eat a little candy and stay up too late, but this year I'm hoping my treat will be another night where he sleeps FIVE WHOLE HOURS. A girl can dream, right?

Monday, October 24

Oh hey Autumn

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It feels like we're turning a corner around here, just in time for autumn, and I'm pretty thrilled about it. For his first few weeks of life Everett spent good chunks of each night crying and just all-around grumpy, and I would be lying if I said it wasn't exhausting. But suddenly my grouchy little guy has been replaced by this generally happy, smiling, almost laughing baby who goes to bed before midnight and wakes up mostly just to eat. It's amazing how much I love both of the men in my life (the big and the little). We're heading to the pumpkin patch soon and have a few Halloween movies on our to-do list, so I'd say fall is officially here.