Friday, December 13

Affordable Area Rugs

Nothing can bring a room together more quickly than a really great area rug, but here's the catch: you need the right size for your room, and often the right size isn't a 5x8 (unless you're trying to purchase for a bedroom). 8x10 and larger sizes can be really pricey! So today I've done a round-up of some of my very favorite rugs from Wayfair. Keep in mind that as a general rule, at least the front legs of each piece of furniture in your living room should be on the rug for it to be an appropriate size for the room.
1. Filipe Taupe/Stone Area Rug 7'6"x9'6" $239.99  |   9x12" $499.99
2. Lizotte Blue/Stone Area Rug 6'7"x9'2" $286.99  |  8x11'2" $395.99  |  8'10"x12'2" $519.99
3. Fiora Ivory/Blue Area Rug 7'6"x9'6" $169.99  |  8'6"x11'6" $225.99
4. Ateao Blue Oriental Area Rug 8x10" $189.99  |  9x12 $385.99
5. Giacinto Charcoal Area Rug 7'6"x9'6" $222.99   |   9x12" $559.99
6. Harker Handwoven Flatweave Blue Area Rug 7'6"x9'6" $207.99  |  8'6"x11'6" $269.99
7. Emily Traditional Light Blue Area Rug 6'7"x9'2" $299.99  |  8x11'2" $429.99
8. Harker Handwoven Flatweave Beige Area Rug 7'6"x9'6" $213.99  |  8'6"x11'6" $279.99
9. Emily Traditional Light Blue Area Rug 6'7"x9'2" $265.99  |  8x11'2" $449.99

Wednesday, October 10

She's Here!

IMG_9107 IMG_9119 IMG_9123
Victoria June Coles
Born September 28 at 10:49 PM
7 pounds 1 ounce, 20 inches long

Monday, May 28

The Inaugural Camping Trip of 2018

A few months ago we decided to buy John's parents' tent trailer, the one he spent his entire childhood camping in. We have big renovation plans for it but decided to take it out on our first little family campout over Memorial Day weekend. Everett spent the weekend running around like a wild man with his face caked in dirt/apple juice/toasted marshmallows (in other words, all the quintessential "little boy" staples) and when we asked if he wanted to go home he said NO!  Every night we snuggled together in one bed under piles of blankets and laughed and munched on snacks and it was kind of perfect minus the times Everett sleep-smacked us in the face.
IMG_7433 IMG_7414 IMG_7408 IMG_7429 IMG_7438 IMG_7446 IMG_7449 IMG_7460
We took a walk at least once a day to hunt for moose. Everett had no clue what they were (he alternated between saying "neigh" and "moo" when we saw them) but he begged constantly to see more. Moose hunts with your baby are WAY BETTER than snipe hunts with the girls at girls' camp.IMG_7463 IMG_7470 IMG_7476
One afternoon we had a heavenly family nap with the windows open, then drove up to Silver Lake, coincidentally where John and I had our first date, to stroll around the boardwalk and grab an ice cream. Really that's all too great to even be allowed in one single sentence but I have to memorialize that perfect Saturday here.IMG_7488 IMG_7490 IMG_7495 IMG_7500
And then Everett supervised John's attempts to get the heater working.IMG_7506 IMG_7508
This is the face of a child who never gets juice boxes at home. I'm only a nice mom when we go on vacation apparently.IMG_7524 IMG_7529 IMG_7534 IMG_7537 IMG_7541
Our entire camp was surrounded by patches of wild strawberries. So if heaven was a campsite, it would clearly be this one.IMG_7539 IMG_7544 IMG_7540 IMG_7548 IMG_7555
He didn't care for the fire and covered his eyes for the first twenty minutes or so then squinted at it the rest of the time. Gotta protect those retinas. He did warm up to it a little once he discovered he could throw pine cones into it.IMG_7562 IMG_7567
We cut the trip one night short because the temperature dipped a little too low for our taste (especially Everett's) and went home Sunday night instead of Monday, but we ended the long weekend with a barbecue and a second round of s'mores in my parents' backyard for good measure. So all in all, I'd relive the whole thing at least 20 more times if that were an option.

Tuesday, May 22

I Thought I Might Be a Boy Mom Forever

...and I actually LOVE having a little boy and would have been totally thrilled to have another, but it's a girl!

IMG_7347 IMG_7309 IMG_7325
We are beyond excited to have a little boy and a little girl and just can't believe our luck. Bring on all the floral and dresses and bows!

Monday, April 23

Spring finally sprang (sprung?)

IMG_7129 IMG_7146 IMG_7134 IMG_7172 IMG_7147 IMG_7176 IMG_7153 IMG_7159 IMG_7189 IMG_7184 IMG_7199 IMG_7203 IMG_7205 IMG_7209
Tonight for family night we walked to the bakery that's right up the street and got Everett's first Dole Whip, then strolled around the lake quacking at every duck (or maybe that was just the littlest member of the family). When we got home we pulled weeds while Everett practiced his loudest, most forced but admittedly hilarious laugh. And the air smelled like the blossoms on our trees and the sun was glowy and golden and we could hear the baby birds tucked in our neighbor's honeysuckle arbor chirping excitedly. Really I'd be fine with spring staying forever, especially if summer is destined to bring swollen pregnancy ankles. ;)

**Harrison's Hatties was kind enough to reach out to me and send Everett his favorite new hat. I highly recommend them to anyone with a little boy - Everett is constantly wanting it on.

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