Thursday, June 19

The Wedding

Since I have so many pictures from our wedding day, I'm splitting them into a couple separate posts.

Before I got married and I'd hear people say their wedding day was the best day of their life, I was skeptical. But honestly, my wedding day was the best day of my life. We had so many people we love come to support us and our reception was so much fun and exactly what I wanted (I don't have pictures from it yet so I'll post about the reception later).

I slept terrible the night before the wedding (as in I probably got 2 hours of sleep). Then I woke up at 5:00 and went to the salon to get my hair and makeup done, thanks to my amazing stylist that came to work so early to help me. After that, we headed down to the temple. I was pretty nervous, but as soon as we got inside, I felt much more calm.

There were lots of other couples getting married the same day as us and I'd heard that the Salt Lake Temple rushes you through, but I never felt rushed. We were able to sit together in a corner of the Celestial Room and pray that our future children could be in attendance during our sealing (thank you to my bishop, who suggested we do so - without going into great detail since it's such a special memory for me, I can definitely say we both felt the results of that request).

We believe that not only do we have the opportunity to be married in this life, but our marriage will continue forever and we'll remain together after we die. This special marriage ceremony performed in LDS temples is referred to as a "sealing". Our sealing was perfect, very simple and beautiful, and looking at the person you love as you make promises to one another surrounded by family and friends is an incredible experience. (Also . . . you're stuck with me forever, John! Hope you thought that one through). 
I love this because my husband, the man who prefer not to crack a smile in pictures, looks just a little bit happy here. ;)
There are lots more family pictures (especially with extended family), but I don't have them back yet.
 After we got pictures with the family, everyone left (except for my parents and siblings) and John and I had our pictures taken around the temple. I don't know what it was--maybe just a combination of not sleeping, being hungry, big tight/heavy dress, and hot weather, but I was feeling pretty sick by the end of the temple pictures. I actually told John after we finished that if my mom wasn't waiting in the dressing room to help me change, he was going to have to unlace me in the car because I COULD NOT wear that dress for even 5 more minutes. Sounds a bit scandalous now that I type it but it resulted from sheer desperation.
Luckily my mom had actually waited for him and after a not-so-brief twenty-minute long tussle with my dress, a tiny changing room, and a key that was pinned somewhere in the billion layers of tulle under my skirt we emerged sans wedding dress and made our way to our luncheon. John's family planned it and it involved Olive Garden soups and breadsticks, which was sort of like eating manna straight from heaven after two hours of taking pictures in the June sun.

We had a few hours to relax between the luncheon and the reception and we spent most of that time packing John's bag for our honeymoon (because why pack ahead of time when you can pack last minute? That's what John always says). Since I'm not sure it's legal to post two thousand pictures in one blog post, the reception post will follow!

Thank you to everyone that made our special day so perfect. We love you. 

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