Sunday, January 20

DIY Gold Nugget Earrings

The other day I found a tutorial for DIY gold nugget earrings. They're so cute, so on Saturday I whipped up a few pairs. The tutorial can be found here at Lovely Indeed. Her earrings look better than mine, but I'm not very talented with a scalpel so this is the best I could come up with. My only recommendation is that you find earring backs that are smaller than 10mm (which is the only size my local craft store carried in the hypoallergenic variety, essential for my sensitive ears) -- I prefer small nuggets and mine barely fit on the posts. It also might take two coats of gold paint to get everything covered -- my first coat didn't stick very well, so it took a second to get everything perfect. I'm sure that might be different if you use a different type of paint. I might even recommend experimenting with that because the earrings from Lovely Indeed had more of a "gold leaf" quality that's amazing.
Double chin... yikes.
They tell you when you're little that your freckles will go away . . . then all of the sudden you're 22 and they're still there.
This was a super quick and easy weekend project that could definitely be customized (change the size, color, etc. . . I'd love to make some in silver). Anyone else in love with these?


  1. Double chin. Ha! What. Ever. You're too beautiful for words, my friend.


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