Thursday, February 21


On Friday I woke up with a sore throat and my eyes were a little swollen. By Sunday that had escalated to a really bad ear ache, super swollen lymph node on my neck, and a worse sore throat. I went to the doctor on Monday and he told me my ear didn't look infected and he couldn't see anything wrong, so he prescribed tylenol and advil. I spent all Monday night with some kind of stomach bug (probably related to whatever else I had), so after throwing up and more ear aches I finally went back to the doctor on Wednesday. Again he couldn't see anything wrong, but he thinks I might have a sinus infection so he prescribed antibiotics and steroids (I might turn into a man. You have been warned). In the meantime I have gotten pretty much absolutely nothing done even though I've missed three days of school. Yay. 

This is the one exception. It's my project for my Visual Rhetoric class. We had to create a visual representation of ourselves (no guidelines other than that). This is an illustration I made that combines my major (English) with my love of travel. I know it's kind of difficult to see, but these are a few of the places I've been. (You can make it bigger by clicking on it). The plane in the corner represents how often my family flies since my dad is a pilot. Any thoughts/suggestions?

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