Saturday, March 9

Saturday Fun

Today John and I got lunch at Taco Bell, then went to an antique market. I would have taken more pictures, but it was kind of slim pickings and nothing that would have been amazing to photograph. There was some cool stuff, but a lot more handmade goods as opposed to actual antiques than I would have preferred. Oh, well.

We saw some little badges/buttons (not sure what the correct term would be) that looked pretty old and had the swastika on them. Morbidness aside, we really wish we could tell whether they were authentic or not! I wouldn't exactly like to wear swastikas on a regular basis because that's not a cause I have any great love for, but if they were really from WWII it would have been interesting. I told my dad about it and he said, "Well, did you ask the person at the booth if they were real or not?" That honestly didn't even occur to me . . . I must be seriously antisocial to sit and wonder for three minutes and not even think of just asking. I really liked these striped fabric earrings and even though I had the money John insisted on buying them. What a nice guy.
After the market, we stopped by City Creek and did some window shopping, then ordered pizza and watched the (disappointing) Jazz game. It was a pretty good day. Why am I always tempted to end posts like this?! Seriously. I need a better closing line to sum my posts up. SOS.

Hope everyone's weekends were great!

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