Monday, April 1

On a Monday

Today I . . . 
  • Turned in 10 pages of my first 15 page paper of the semester. Don't worry, I only have three more to go. Three more papers, that is. Not three more pages. 

  • Had my phone confiscated by some soccer players who said they wouldn't give it back until we took a picture at their booth and promised to go to the BYU vs. Real Salt Lake game. Only one of the two actually happened.

  • Did not do my hair. The picture proves that. Oh wait, I haven't done my hair for weeks. It's not big news anymore. Hmm.

  • Watched an episode of Castle because I am loving that show. I discovered it last week and I'm sad Netflix doesn't have the first season.

  • Was told by my least favorite professor to be careful not to "read" my presentation to the class. There were no words on my section of the powerpoint so I'm still confused...

  • Did not receive an e-mail from my brother in Chile. I'm also confused about that because who doesn't want to spend part of the few hours a week of free time he gets writing long and heartfelt electronic messages to his sister??

  • Was asked by a friend from high school what my dad does for a living. I said he owns a software company and he said, "Oh, I always pictured your dad as being in the army." I'm not sure who this says more about (me or my dad), but since my friend's never met him I'm thinking maybe I give off an army brat vibe?

  • Had to make up a science fiction story in my Spanish class. Turns out my sci-fi writing skills are equally pathetic in both English and Spanish.

  • Studied for my first of three tests this week. GRADUATION HURRY UP.

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  1. I watched Castle today and thought of you. Also, I still love that picture. I really was as terrified as I look when a soccer ball came hurling at me.


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