Tuesday, May 14

The Post to Explain Why I'm Not in Shape

Sometimes I go walking with my mom. We have every intention of being really serious about that and power-walking our way all around the lake to killer legs. But then I see stuff like this:
(Secret hidden beach that no one else ever goes to!)

(Entrance to the random desert 20 feet away from the beach!)

And then I get home from the walk and decide to check my running app, which is funny because I never run unless I'm being chased by a bear or serial killer and I only downloaded it because I wanted to see how many miles I was normally walking. This is what it said:

This is more than mildly embarrassing because A) I may be a slow runner, but I definitely can run faster than EIGHTEEN MINUTES AND TWENTY FIVE SECONDS PER MILE and Nike might award me the "slowest mile in the history of running" prize (I was walking, okay??) and B) Yeah . . . that's not a fast mile even for walking. Ahem. So apparently I get pretty distracted when there's scenery and/or people to talk to involved in my walks. Oops. But I like our leisurely walks around the lake and sometimes we even walk fast . . . just depends. The days when we go to the gym are probably a better workout though.

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