Monday, June 24

Bahamas Cruise Part One: Miami

I'm usually kind of an obsessive picture taker (I have thousands and thousands from my study abroad to London and that was only three and a half months long). But for some reason I didn't take a lot of pictures on our cruise. I think this was mainly because A) I got sunburned and it hurt to wear my camera strap around my neck, B) water and cameras together make me nervous, and C) I wasn't feeling all that great for the first few days of the cruise because I caught a cold. But anyway, I do have a few pictures that I will probably split into two separate posts (mostly taken on my iPhone). A few of these pictures are already on  Instagram, but I'll repost them anyway.

We started the trip out by spending a couple days in Miami. The view from our hotel room was pretty nice.
Especially at night.
We spent some time exploring the city and shopping.

I bought this cute little cricket made from a palm leaf.
And of course we had to visit South Beach.

And since Rachael was on the trip with us and she loves the pool almost as much as she loves seashells we had to stop by.
I realize this post is pretty picture-heavy, so I'll put our Everglades adventure picture in a new post. Stay tuned.

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