Thursday, September 12

A Fair is a Veritable Smorgasbord

I figured I'd better start this post out with a picture of food, since there was no way I could resist taking my post title from this (Charlotte's Web, anyone?) Other than the navajo taco, this post has pretty much nothing to do with food (although there were about a billion things to try, including chocolate-covered bugs) and we didn't stay until after the gates were shut. We also didn't meet any talking/singing rodents. Kind of unfortunate in my opinion.

We actually went for FHE on Monday, but I haven't gotten around to posting about it until now. The State Fair is one of my very favorite things -- when I was younger, we went every year for my birthday. It had been probably over 10 years since our last visit though, so it was about time to go back.
We saw miniature cows (John's favorite/the only animal other than a dog I've ever heard him say he needs)...
And of course regular-sized cows too (I'm referring to the scenery here, not the people).
John and Rachael and I played some games, which are ridiculously overpriced but really fun. Rachael really wanted to win a fish, but sadly even the combined efforts of her and John didn't succeed.
Rachael did win a cute little stuffed lizard and duck/platypus thing, which is impressive since I didn't win anything at all. John played a basketball game and won this giant giraffe stuffed animal for me.
I wish I'd asked someone to take a picture of the whole family together (minus Kristen who's in Provo at school and Jared who's obviously on a mission), but I'm not good at remembering stuff like that [Edit: my mom sent me one of everyone except John because he took the picture. Glad somebody's on top of things].  
I already can't wait until next September. There's nothing like breaking out your cowboy boots once a year to show you're a real country girl.

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