Thursday, October 31

For All of You Who Know What a Flapper Is

I thought the whole world knew what a flapper was but apparently that's not true. I was asked at a ward Halloween party what I was dressed as and when I replied, "A flapper," I got the blankest stare. And even after trying to explain what a flapper is, the lightbulb still wasn't going off.

I was confused. Didn't the Great Gatsby movie just come out? I didn't go see it because even though I'm an English major and I'm supposed to worship that book I thought it was depressing and every character was a horrible person. But that's just me.
I made the headband because I didn't like the tacky giant-feather-and-sequins bands that you can buy at costume stores. I bought the gold band, the brooch, and the feathers from Hobby Lobby, then attached the brooch and feathers to a piece of felt (to make it stronger and keep it from flipping around) and glued it all together. I like how it turned out, and on top of that there are no huge feathers sticking straight up off the side of my head so that's a plus in my book.
You will probably never see my hair up again. I have so much of it and it's so thick that putting it up is a nightmare.

 The dress isn't very 1920s looking but there's an explanation for that. I actually have another one that looks more authentic, but it's way less comfortable. I decided not to wear it today since I was dressing up for the annual costume contest at the office and I still had to work all day.
And just in case you're considering trying to take pictures of your own headband/hairdo, don't. Unless you have more talent than me of course. Because this is what will happen.
Side of head.
Still side of head . . . 
The back of my head is ridiculous, obviously.


  1. Oh my goodness! I feel the exact same way about Gatsby. I don't get why everyone loves it so much??? Plus you look fabulous!

    1. I'm so glad I'm not the only one! I seriously was beginning to think something was wrong with me. Plus Daisy is just super annoying and as far as I remember nobody forced her to marry Tom . . . And thank you! I loved your Kate/George costume. Haha

  2. I'm a little late, but huge respect points for the link to "can I have your number". I miss you! :)

    1. Haha thanks! I couldn't resist. I miss you too! I was thinking about that the other day. I miss hanging out at the apartment and chatting and eating junk food (not like I don't do that anymore…) And I can't believe Kevin's been out for so long now!


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