Tuesday, October 8

Hong Kong, Part 2

We've spent the last few days exploring the city and looking at fashion styles, since Hong Kong is fashion-forward and generally gets trends at least a year before they show up in the USA. Unfortunately nothing fits any of us here -- apparently asians are shaped differently. I found a really cool shirt, but my torso was too short and my legs were too long.
These pictures were all taken in Tsim Sha Tsui, where a lot of the tailors are located. My dad and Jeana and David all ordered custom-made suits (and a dress in Jeana's case) from Sam's Tailor. He's basically created suits for every dignitary in the past 40 years and has pictures with all of them around his shop. We saw Clinton, Michael Jackson, Prince Charles, Donald Trump, and George W. Bush, just to name a few.
It's been really fun to be here with my dad. I'm glad we got to come together.
This is the view from our hotel room. It's beautiful.
This morning we headed out to mainland China to meet with a manufacturer. The country was so green and lush. The buildings look very different from Hong Kong -- they're mostly run-down apartments and houses much smaller than the ones in the city.
Unfortunately what I didn't realize was that the latest email from our manufacturer had been moved to my junk mail folder. She'd changed dates on us a couple of times, and the most recent email I had from her said October 8. So we discovered once we arrived in Shenzhen that we had the wrong date. I felt so bad that we wasted time going out there.

Luckily my dad wasn't upset about it and we attempted to find other factories in Shenzhen. We couldn't find anyone who spoke English well so we gave up and headed back to Hong Kong. We decided to go buy souvenirs for my mom and sisters.
While we were looking for a tourist market we'd found earlier, we discovered this local market. It had tons of seafood (mostly still alive). It's such a good thing that I wasn't born in China because I don't really care for seafood at all and basically this whole market was crustaceans and fish and plenty of it was still wriggling.
I still feel bad about the mix-up on days, but it was nice to spend all that time with my dad exploring Hong Kong. We'll be heading back to the mainland tomorrow and Thursday to meet with manufacturers and get some sample shirts made. 

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