Thursday, November 28


[View on the drive down to Vegas.]
I spent today with family, eating turkey and laughing. It was great. I also got to shoot some pictures this morning to practice my photography while we were waiting for the food to cook.
This owl is kind of an icon around here. My grandpa put it in his backyard to scare the birds away from his fruit trees.
 And sometimes Kristen thinks deeply and I catch it on camera.
Then Kristen took a few of me.
We also finally got a shot of my mom and grandma and I with the quilt they helped me make. I love them.
Then after dinner I got to take some family pictures for my aunt and uncle's Christmas card. I'll share those tomorrow. I'm so grateful I got to spend Thanksgiving in Las Vegas with my mom's family. It's been a few years and it was so nice to see everyone.

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