Saturday, November 9


Today John called me from work and told me to go look outside. I'm glad I did because the sunset was incredible and it reminded me of how grateful I am for this beautiful world we live in.
I also felt a little guilty because when John called I was on my computer and I had no idea this was going on outside (I was actually working on a T-shirt design I said I'd do for Rachael's school play so it wasn't like I'd spent all day glued to social media, but still). I read an article by Randi Zuckerberg (marketing director of Facebook and sister of Mark Zuckerberg) urging people to have a "digital Sabbath." She said something that I thought was very interesting: we need to unplug and connect with people in the real world and that "we've become closer to friends but further from friendship."

So from now on I'm going to try (fingers crossed) to not look at Facebook on Sunday so I can have a day to relax, think, build stronger relationships, and avoid comparing myself and my life to what's going on with my online "friends."

I'm not guaranteeing I won't peek at Facebook ever again on Sunday, but I think it will be refreshing to be disconnected from my phone and to hopefully spend a little more time looking at the world around me.

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