Tuesday, December 17

Andersen Family Christmas Card 2013

This year I volunteered to make our annual Christmas card. And I was completely determined that it would be 100% totally Christmas themed (aka no pictures of us at the beach, Disneyland, Mexico, etc. [This may have happened in the past]. I wanted SNOW. This is not a 4th of July card).

So I made a template in Photoshop and then found a snowy spot (aka the local golf course) and made everyone bundle up. We didn't have anyone to take the picture for us so we set up a tripod and used a timer. It worked well because Tucker won't normally look at the camera, but I'm pretty sure the beeping sound the timer made confused him so he kept staring to try to figure it out.

The whole thing was strenuous since I had to keep running back and forth to click the button, but I think it turned out okay. And just in case anyone is wondering, no, my brother is not dead. He's on an LDS mission in Chile so he couldn't exactly be here. His picture in a frame was the next best thing.

Confession: we didn't actually print out a giant picture of his face. My sister was holding my frame with the coolest ever temple sketch in it and I just photoshopped Jared's picture over the top. Kind of cheating, but it worked.
I might as well admit here that I didn't come up with the idea for this card completely on my own. I saw a similar one somewhere once upon a time and loved it so I recreated it from what I could remember. 
And then to save my mom a little time I addressed all the envelopes. I chose a gold marker because I thought it would look prettier than just a regular black pen. 
And then of course I decided to take them and a couple other packages to the post office on literally the busiest shipping day of the year (that's what the lady at the desk told me when I finally got to the front after waiting for an hour+ in line). I should probably make a note on my calendar for next year that December 16th is not a good day to send anything.

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