Monday, March 10


I have a whole bunch of blogging to catch up on, but I'm going to go in order and start where I left off.

On Wednesday we packed up and started the drive to the happiest place on Earth. We spent the night at a hotel, then got up early the next day and drove the last hour and a half to Disneyland. We stayed at the Grand Californian, which is really nice and right on the property (it has its own private entrance to California Adventure). That also meant that we got one early-entrance day to Disneyland and one to California Adventure, so we got to ride a few of our favorites before the lines were crazy.

It was also convenient to have a hotel so close for the night when John and Jared convinced the girls and I to go on Grizzly River Rapids at almost 10 PM and then conveniently were the ones that barely got wet at all.
Jared was pretty excited to be there.
He and John wanted to try the giant turkey legs so they went and got those one day while the rest of us ordered lunch at the River Belle Terrace.
I personally love the Jazz Kitchen in Downtown Disney. The beignets are my favorite (but the red beans and rice are a close second).

And this is probably my favorite picture from the trip (apparently John didn't think the Tower of Terror was as exciting as the rest of us did). And what is the kid in the back doing? It looks like he's going to be sick and the guy in front of him is nervous.
My mom checked online before we planned the trip and read that the week we were going to Disneyland was the least busy week of the year. Thursday wasn't terrible, but it was still a lot busier than we were expecting (we've gone plenty of times and barely had to wait in lines at all). Friday was even busier, and Saturday was crazy. It turns out that this year California decided to give a bunch of the school districts an entire week off for President's Day, so instead of people coming the weekend before President's Day, they came at the same time we did. 

But it was still fun and the only ride that had a crazy long line was Radiator Springs Racers (we played a Charades game I downloaded on my phone for like an hour to pass the time and probably annoyed everyone in line next to us).
 John took this one in California Adventure. He's got talent.
So there you go, Disneyland in no particular order and with very little commentary . . . 

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