Tuesday, April 15

That Time I Finally Went Skiing

I bought John two passes to The Canyons at Park City for Christmas. I'd never been skiing or snowboarding before, but he always told me he wanted us to go, so I bit the bullet and said I would. Then I sort of chickened out when I found out that this past Saturday was the last one of the season (I figured it would be super busy and I didn't really want to learn with a billion people there). John tried to find a friend to go with, but no one could. So I decided I'd go with him.

I am not being humble: I discovered that I'm literally the worst skier on the planet. I was so nervous about getting off the lift because I did not want to fall in front of everyone (I didn't, thanks to John) and when we got to the top of the hill and I said, "That's the bunny hill?!" You couldn't even see the bottom of it! When I pictured a "bunny hill" in my head I thought it was really just a teeny little hill that you could go down in 30 seconds and practice. I spent 95% of the time we were there on my rear end instead of my feet. I couldn't even stand up by myself because every time I moved, I'd slide a little farther down the hill (John had to pull me back up). It took me an hour to get down the run and I was sooooo frustrated. Luckily John was super patient and kept telling me I was doing just fine (he's a good liar).
After lunch, John went on some of the runs by himself because he's actually talented and I'm not. I was pretty embarrassed when it took him maybe 10 minutes to get on the lift and snowboard down the hill that had taken me an hour. But I'm really glad he got to snowboard a bit because he hasn't been able to go since before his mission.

I'd be lying if I said I really enjoyed it, but I'm glad I went and I'd probably go again because I know I can't actually get any worse.

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