Thursday, August 28

The Time I Forced John to Model for Me

I'm assuming everyone that might read this blog knows, but just in case you don't, I work for a start-up clothing line called Aero Outfitters. I don't really know what my title would be because I kind of handle everything except for supplying the money. So I've come up with the designs (including the graphics printed on the clothing) and I've done most of the coordinating with our factory in China. (This postthis post, and this post talk about our trip to Hong Kong/mainland China to meet with them).

We are getting close (I hope, fingers crossed) to having our second round of samples here and approving them. Once that's taken care of, we'll place our final order and then just wait for everything to arrive. In the mean time, I'm starting to focus on our social media and advertising. We needed some pictures for our instagram page, so I forced John to let me take these. He'll probably hate that I posted them here, but I think he's so handsome. He hates pictures and usually won't even take one with me unless he can make a weird face. No one tell him these are on the internet. They'll be on our instagram page anyway once I get started on that.
This is the "Tikal, Guatemala" jacket. Each of our jackets/shirts have a longitude and latitude printed somewhere on them, and each longitude and latitude belongs to a place that inspired the design. I guess technically you probably wouldn't need a jacket in Tikal, but this one looks like something you could explore in.

Each shirt will also come with a dogtag embossed with the coordinates and name of the inspiration place, and "See the World From Above the Clouds" (our unofficial logo). Since every shirt has a different tag, they're collectible. The picture isn't great because I snapped it with my iPhone, but here's an example of a dogtag:
This next shirt is really cool, but it doesn't photograph that well. The design is printed with a process called "silver screen printing." It looks like it's silver in these pictures, but it's actually sort of a clear glossy ink that's just shiny. So it's a similar color to the shirt, but the glossiness makes the design stand out.
We have a few other shirts, but the samples are all size large (John usually wears a medium). So I'll have to find a different model before I can photograph the rest of them.

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