Monday, September 15

Birthday Week

My birthday is September 11 and John's is September 14, so we always get to celebrate together. This year, John surprised me on Wednesday night and took me up to Park City. We stayed at the Westgate, which was so nice. I honestly thought they gave us the wrong room when we walked in. It had a family room (complete with leather couch and fireplace), a master suite (complete with jacuzzi), a kitchen, a spiral staircase, another family room upstairs, another bathroom, and a hot tub on our porch.

We went to Main Street Pizza and Noodle for dinner, then came back to the hotel and spent the night soaking in the hot tub and cuddling up by the fireplace and eating dark chocolate sea salt caramels. My kind of night. Then the next day, we went to Cheesecake Factory for dinner with my family.

John always does a really good job on my presents. This year he outdid himself. I got two skirts, two pairs of earrings, a little gold circle necklace stamped with our initials, and a really beautiful sapphire ring. My parents gave me a pair of black boots and a brush for buffing my hunter boots, and my siblings gave me the movie Austenland and a whole bunch of treats and snacks to eat.

John's birthday was a little less eventful. I felt bad, but it was on a Sunday, so we couldn't do as much. We went to our church (it's so hard for me to get a substitute since I'm the primary pianist and we don't have many piano players in the ward), then went to my parents' ward for my sister's mission farewell. After that we had a picnic at the park with John's family, then went back to my parents' house for more birthday celebration. I promise that strawberry angel food cake looked less lopsided in real life. And I should probably add that my mom doesn't usually have folding chairs in the family room. They were left out after the farewell.

It was a really good birthday week for us. And now we're officially 24 (me) and 25 (John).

PS thanks for the birthday money, Grandma! We're going shopping tonight.

Sidenote: my url is now officially The old link will still work (it just redirects to here), but I was getting sick of typing it in since it was so long. GoDaddy was having a sale and my domain was something like $15 for two years. Not that this matters to anyone, but it's much easier to remember.

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