Friday, October 24

Rachael’s Bedroom

It’s probably been almost a year since this room was basically “finished,” but we’ve been adding little things here and there and just barely got around to photographing it. Rachael wanted an ocean themed room and asked me to help her design one. I wish I had a real “before” picture, but all I have is this one I snapped on my phone right after the painter started on the walls:
I also wish I could remember the color of paint we picked, but I can’t. If I can think of it later, I’ll add it in. It’s a really pretty, warm aqua color. We had one wall painted with white and aqua stripes so it could work as the accent wall. We tried to keep the “ocean” theme only in the accent pieces, so if in a couple years she decides she’s tired of it, all we have to do is box up some accessories and throw pillows and she can pick a different theme. (As long as blue walls are part of the plan because I don’t think those are getting repainted any time soon).
We created the seahorse art by tracing a silhouette and then painting around it with coral acrylic paint. It took about 15 minutes, so it’s not bad for the time we invested in it. The “R” is a papier mache letter I bought at Hobby Lobby and spray painted gold. 
The little shadow box was another DIY project. We stained the wood with a weathered gray color and then I helped Rachael glue the sand dollars, shells, seahorse, and starfish in. The cute pillow covers are made from fabric we ordered from (Grandma did all the sewing. We’re not good at that kind of stuff). The inserts were purchased at Ikea for $3. They’re tiny, but that’s good since Rachael’s bed is only a single.
I hand-lettered and gold-foiled the “Advice from the Sea” print. The shell is something Rachael bought on our cruise to the Bahamas. The lamp was a Ross find for less than $10.
I love the white ruffled bedding. It's from Macy’s and I think it gives the room a more calm feeling.
One of the problems we had to solve was where to put Rachael’s parakeet Polly. Her cage used to sit on the desk, but that didn’t leave Rachael much room to do homework or read, plus Polly always threw seeds everywhere. John and I found the little accent table at Ross and it just happened to match perfectly with the buttermilk color of most of her big furniture pieces.
The big paper pinwheels were another project Rachael and I worked on. We spent an hour or so making them out of tissue paper and they make the room feel so happy. The paper globe lanterns are from Target.
I love that most of the things in Rachael’s room were already part of her collection, which meant we didn't have to buy much. This ship in a bottle is another souvenir from on of our cruises.
 The ocean painting was done by my great grandma, so it was nice to finally get it hung up.
My mom and I made the bulletin board for Rachael’s birthday. We just pinned fabric tightly around a cork board and secured it with silver thumb tacks. Also, these pictures were just taken a few weeks ago. I’m not sure why the 2013 goals are still there.
Rachael and I did the floral arrangement. I helped her pick out flowers and arranged them into a bouquet, then Rachael poured sand and seashells into the bottle and we stuck them in.
She uses the little whiteboard to write down to-do lists and inspirational quotes.
Tucker thought the whole room shoot was pretty boring. But he liked getting to be on Rachael’s bed. Don’t tell Mom. He wouldn’t stop barking so we gave in.

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