Tuesday, November 25

Since I Haven’t Blogged in Almost a Month

Jazz Game Banner
...Here’s a little recap of what we’ve been doing.
  • Got eighth-row tickets to a Jazz game. They lost, but it was still great because we’ve never had lower-bowl seats before.
  • Found a house we really liked . . . and then found out it was taken off the market the day we were going to go look at it.
  • Saw Mockingjay two days before it actually premiered.
  • Flew to Colorado with my dad for John to take a really interesting aptitude test. It showed that he has a strong aptitude for number sequences, which translates to careers in some kind of analysis field (stock broker, marketing analyst, etc.)
  • Finally finished our little gratitude banner. I love having a husband that makes me laugh by writing “my smokin hot wife” and “smoochin” when I ask him to list things he’s grateful for.
  • Got a new couch (the Brooklyn Sofa from Pottery Barn) for a crazy good deal. It was on an amazing clearance sale at John’s work and he had DownEast bucks too, so we ended up paying less for a leather couch than for the one we got at RC Willey when we got married.
  • Sold our old couch to make room for John’s new love. Pictures to come as soon as I get our pillows re-covered in the fabric I ordered a month ago.
  • Got two orders for designing wedding announcements and sealing inserts. One of them has been a little bit of a nightmare but it’s a good learning experience.
  • Spoke in church.
  • Celebrated being married for five months.

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