Friday, December 26


I spent three Christmases with John while we were dating, but this is the first time we’ve been married for Christmas and it was so much fun. John had to work until 5 on Christmas Eve, so I wrapped presents at my parents’ house and helped cook dinner. Jared and I made these chocolate tarts with peppermint creme and they were delicious.Christmas Christmas Christmas Christmas
For dinner we had prime rib (I was inspired by The Wild Rose and made a dark chocolate sauce to go with it) and a million side dishes. Christmas
After dinner we read the Nativity Story and opened our Christmas pajamas. Then John and I went home. While I was showering, he brought our mattress out and set it up in the family room next to the Christmas tree. It was so much fun starting a new tradition (that will have to be discontinued once we have kids because it would make it difficult for Santa to come with us out there) and it made it even better that John was so involved and did it to surprise me. Christmas
In the morning we opened our gifts to each other and then went over to my parents’ house again to open more presents with them. We got to talk to my sister Kristen (who’s on a mission in London) over Skype and play video games, then in the afternoon we went to visit John’s grandparents and had dinner with his family. After dinner we went to see The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies with my family.

We were really spoiled this year. We got tons of gift cards, my favorite Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb perfume (it reminds me of London), makeup, hair stuff, movies, clothes, a tool chest + drill, and a tungsten ring (John’s wedding ring is white gold and it scratches easily, so I got him one that he can wear to work without worrying and engraved our wedding date inside). I’m sure I’m missing quite a few things, but basically we’re really lucky. Christmas Christmas It was such a perfect Christmas, even if it did sneak up on us too quickly. Christmas Christmas Christmas christmas
PS check out that super neon red lipstick. . . John apparently liked it a lot because when we were at Target he disappeared and came back a few minutes later and told me he was adding it to the gifts in my stocking. I like it too.


  1. Aww, looks like such a fun Christmas!!
    Melanie @

    1. Thank you Melanie! It was! Yours looked amazing!


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