Monday, April 13

Life Lately

Since I don’t keep a journal (I attempt but I write a couple of times and then forget about it for years . . . literally years) I figured it was time to update my blog. This is what we’ve been up to for the past month or so. apartment apartment

  • I took some updated pictures of our apartment since we’re moving out next month. I’ll maybe post a full tour on the blog but that’s a lot of work so maybe not.
  • John got me two new side tables (the Waldorf by West Elm). I love free stuff. 
  • I’ve been doing a corporate fitness challenge which translates to a pretty strict eating plan (protein + carb, aka either fruit or vegetables, six times a day). I’ve never eaten more salads in my life, but I do enjoy snacks like a piece of deli-sliced turkey with berries or a green apple with peanut butter. And don’t even get me started on asparagus roasted with a little olive oil, garlic, salt, and parmesan cheese. I’ve also been going to a workout class on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:15 AM and Saturdays at 7. As not fun as waking up early is, I’ve lost a little bit of weight, gained 1.5% in muscle mass, and reduced my metabolic age by three years in the first two weeks so I think it’s worth it. 
  • I made a couple of design boards for an old friend who wanted help decorating her apartment. 

  • We sold my Audi (still sad about that) and bought a 2005 Volkswagen Touareg. We flew all the way out to Chicago to pick it up, then drove it home in 2 days. It was actually pretty fun other than a flat tire and a speeding ticket. It needs a little work still (the headlight has issues) but we’ll have a much cheaper car payment and be able to pull a boat/trailer since it’s an SUV. kids
  • John’s sister and sister-in-law both had babies and he’s been loving it. I thought women were usually the baby hungry ones?  
  • My parents went to Portland for their 26th anniversary so we spent a few nights hanging out with my little sister after she got out of school. 
  • I designed a graduation announcement for my sister-in-law and I think it turned out really nice.
  • John got some new (used) golf clubs and we went to the driving range to test them out. Bad news is I still can’t golf.
  • We got rid of cable since it costs a lot and we just don’t use it that much so we’ve been trying new shows on Netflix. We finished Sherlock (it was John’s favorite) and just started White Collar. So far, I’d recommend both of them. 


  1. I can't ever start/finish a journal either... I go years without writing in it too!

    1. Ugh yes. I was so mad at myself the other day because I pulled out my journal and realized I hadn't written since I was on my study abroad in London (which was in 2012) . . . and the entire time I was in England I only wrote TWO TIMES and it was the most amazing experience ever. At least I blogged while I was there.

  2. Your apartment looks wonderful! I love how you decorated it!!
    Melanie @

    1. Thank you Melanie! It's not perfect but we love it.

  3. wait, turkey with berries? i love both those things, do you eat them together? isaac and i started white collar too!! it's great!

    also, when you posted the picture of your living room on insta the other day, i thought to myself...she should do design...and wah-la! you design! i might need some help in the fall with mine and isaac's apartment! you have serious skillz.

    xo, kiely

    1. So basically I mix up some berries (usually chopped strawberries and blueberries) because they apparently have a low glycemic index and at first on this nutrition plan I could only have fruits like that. I buy the turkey from Harmon's (they cut slices for you right on the spot so it actually tastes like real turkey, unlike the boxed stuff) and I just eat them at the same time but not together. If that makes sense. Meaning a bite of turkey, a bite of berries, etc. Their flavors are complimentary but I don't know if I'd want to chew on both of them at the same time. Haha.

      And yes! We're only maybe 5 episodes in but so far there hasn't been anything too sketchy which we both like.

      I'm not a professional designer but I love it and am thinking about going back to school for it. So I'd love to help you out. :)

      Thanks Kiely!


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