Tuesday, June 16

Guatemala Part 3: Castillo de San Felipe

John decided he really wanted to see Castillo de San Felipe on our way home from Tikal. It’s an old fort on Lake Isabal (which connects to the Caribbean Sea via the River Dulce) that was actually used by the Spanish to defend against pirates and was looted several times. The tour was in Spanish so I had to listen pretty closely, but it was fun to walk around the old building. I banged my knee pretty good on one of the stone steps and it’s still purple. Yay for remembrances of Guatemala. Castillo de San Felipe
Because the castillo is surrounded by water, there were lots of people swimming and riding jetskis. This was also the place I discovered that some public bathrooms in Guatemala have bathroom attendants who give you toilet paper when you go in so that nobody steals the rolls. Interesting.Castillo de San Felipe
Crazy hair...Castillo de San Felipe Castillo San Felipe Castillo de San Felipe
I loved that there were air plants growing everywhere -- even on the electrical wires. Castillo de San Felipe Castillo de San Felipe
The next day I really didn’t take many pictures because we spent most of the day in Zona 1, which was one of the areas John served in during his mission. John didn’t think having the big camera there would be a good idea because it’s not necessarily the nicest area, so we used his phone to take pictures. There’s a big square and a market (where we bought some beautiful paintings for so cheap and plenty of other souvenirs, including a Guatemalan nativity and some cool shoes).

That night we got to have dinner with a lady that John was friends with and I got lots of Spanish practice since she doesn’t speak any English. I understand most things, but I dislike speaking because I get nervous that I’ll use the wrong words.

It was such a fun trip and I’m so glad we got the opportunity to visit. Can’t wait until the next time we can go back!

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