Wednesday, November 25

A puppy with crazy eyes and a little reminder

I ran to the grocery store last night to pick up a few things (okay, $60 worth of things . . . we hadn't been grocery shopping in a while). Somewhere between unloading bags into my car and saving the frozen pie crusts from falling and putting my cart away, I accidentally left my purse sitting in the basket. Of course the minute I got home I realized it and drove like a crazy person back to the store (praying the whole time, because not only was my wallet in there, but so was my laptop with all my photos and work files).

When I got back to the parking lot, I parked (really badly - some kid gave me a disapproving stare) and ran over to the cart area, but my purse wasn't in any of the carts. I rushed into the store and made my way to the lost and found, where I said, feeling pretty stupid, that I thought I'd left my purse in my cart. They asked for a description and I gave it to them, ending with, "And I really hope it's here because it had a laptop in it." The lady next to me said, "Oh no! But actually people are really honest here. I left my wallet in my cart a couple weeks ago and someone turned it in."

Amazingly, somebody had found my bag and and taken it to the lost and found. I smiled the whole way home. Even with so many bad things in the world, doesn't it give you hope that there are still people who'd find a purse with a laptop and credit cards and cash and not play finders-keepers?

And that's a little gratitude story and reminder that life is still pretty great. For all my readers from the good ole USA, I hope tomorrow is filled with turkey and gravy (my favorite) and pumpkin pie and lots of family and friends (the ultimate reason to be thankful). And for the rest of you . . . just make yourself some pie anyway and top with plenty of whipped cream, trust me.

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