Tuesday, April 19



This weekend we:
-Woke up early Saturday morning (and by "we" I mean John, who then woke me up) and cuddled in bed for an hour or two
-Munched on banana bread
-Spent Friday night with good friends
-Went to a bridal shower (me) and a golf course (John)
-Obsessed over tiny little baby clothes [please note the dinosaur feet mentioned in my last post]
-Learned that John is very picky when it comes to carseats and strollers
-Made apple waffles with pumpkin spice and maple syrup, just because - recipe to come because it was definitely a successful experiment
-Let the dog play in the yard because it's finally warm(er)
-Noticed all the trees and bushes around our house are covered in flowers
-Grilled steaks and slathered them with herb butter
-Enjoyed two sessions of stake conference
-Spent time with family

Just noticed that 3 of the items on this list revolve around food. #priorities

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