Monday, May 23

These days

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These days we're enjoying plenty of evenings on the porch but also plenty of mornings inside listening to the rain.

These days baby is kicking harder and frequently, but 95% of the time when I tell John to put his hand on my stomach and feel, he immediately stops (we're not sure if he's shy or just stubborn but obviously he's psychic).

These days John is installing a new wood floor in the bedroom (our gift to ourselves since our 2-year anniversary is at the beginning of June).

These days I'm waiting for the climbing roses he planted at the back of the house to grow. Patience is not my strong point.

These days my wedding ring can't fit comfortably over my swollen fingers and I'm not sure where my ankles are disappearing to.

These days John's evenings are filled with coaching Little League baseball.

These days my heart is bursting every time I hear him pray at night "please bless our baby that he'll grow healthy and strong."

These days I'm attempting to make 20 minutes of singing fun since I'm the new primary chorister at church.

These days I really can't complain.

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