Friday, September 30

Everett at 4 Weeks

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Today my baby is four weeks old. In a way it feels like he can't possibly have been here that long, but in another way it feels like he's been here forever. We spent a good chunk of last night (3 to 5:30 AM) rocking and bouncing and finally driving around the dark streets together and even though today I'm tired I'm still so grateful I get to be his mom and be the one to comfort him.

We drove to see my old house, which was strangely unsatisfying because the current owners have remodeled and it's almost unrecognizable. It got me thinking about time: how does it pass so quickly?  I went through most of elementary and middle school in that house. My dad built us a playhouse in the backyard. My mom baked and played games with us. And in my mind it was only a couple of years ago, but in reality we moved into that house almost 20 years ago.

This is all my round-about way of saying that even though Everett can be a difficult baby (he's fussy and grumpy at times and it's hard to figure out why), I'm so happy that right now he's little and will curl up into a ball and sleep on my shoulder and give me little half-smiles when he's full and sleepy. I'm sure that in the blink of an eye he'll be walking and talking and although I'm excited to watch him grow and hear what he's thinking, I'm so in love him right now, at four weeks old.

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