Wednesday, February 15

The Year I Had TWO Valentines

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Valentine's Day this year involved a romantic dinner for two (hint: the two of us that can eat solid foods) while baby stayed home with his aunt. There was sushi, there was chocolate coconut cheesecake, there was excellent conversation and exactly zero plates were grabbed by tiny little hands. After we picked Everett up we went home and John presented me with a bouquet of pink roses ("from Everett") and my new favorite eyeshadow palette which really is amazing (but of course John was just amazed by the cost of makeup). We rounded off the night with a few episodes of Robin Hood since John is in a hurry to finish the series before it leaves Netflix and a couple slices of the best-ever homemade banana bread (courtesy of my mom).

Having TWO valentines (not to mention family I'm pretty crazy about) to share this day of love with is the best.

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