Thursday, April 12

On a snowy spring day

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I have to admit, I miss posting here. Instagram is easier, but I love having somewhere to write down our little family stories regardless of how many people will read them (because you bet I go back and laugh/cry at years-old posts) . . . so hopefully I'll be around this blog much more often than I have been for the past few several months. This morning the weather decided that spring is overrated and dumped the biggest, fluffiest snowflakes I've ever seen all over my freshly-planted garden. Of course.

I hurried and bundled Everett up and we ran outside to play (for all of two minutes. Boy does not love snow in general). Then we came inside, pulled off our wet coats and hats and mittens and slipped into sweats and shared a big bowl of ramen, because sometimes that's all my pregnant stomach can handle. And when I got distracted he said "boop" (soup) very insistently and pointed to his mouth. He takes eating as seriously as his mama does and I'm so proud.

On the agenda for tonight: the spicy cherry tomato sauce I made and froze last week (with penne! and asparagus! and fruit and strawberry dip! because we have all those things and I am NOT leaving the house to go to the grocery store today), Everett's typical bedtime routine--which involves telling every single object in the house "night night" followed by me singing any variety of primary songs while he keeps one arm around his fox and the other around his horse, and then probably some silly/terrible TV show for me while John plays basketball at the community center. If things get really crazy I might even enjoy some crackers and cheese in bed. Who knows? The world is my oyster.

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