Monday, April 23

Spring finally sprang (sprung?)

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Tonight for family night we walked to the bakery that's right up the street and got Everett's first Dole Whip, then strolled around the lake quacking at every duck (or maybe that was just the littlest member of the family). When we got home we pulled weeds while Everett practiced his loudest, most forced but admittedly hilarious laugh. And the air smelled like the blossoms on our trees and the sun was glowy and golden and we could hear the baby birds tucked in our neighbor's honeysuckle arbor chirping excitedly. Really I'd be fine with spring staying forever, especially if summer is destined to bring swollen pregnancy ankles. ;)

**Harrison's Hatties was kind enough to reach out to me and send Everett his favorite new hat. I highly recommend them to anyone with a little boy - Everett is constantly wanting it on.

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