Sunday, January 6

First Posts are Awkward 96% of the Time

I have no idea what to say in this post . . . so here goes. I'm Kaylee, I'm 22, I'm a senior at BYU.

2012 was my year of adventures. I spent four months living in London and traveling a little bit through Europe (England, Ireland, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Wales, Scotland). I saw amazing things and went through some hard things, but I think that both of those were important for me to experience. 2013 will probably have fewer big adventures, and since I'm a semi-boring non-adventurous person, that's okay. This year I'm looking forward to graduating from college, hopefully buying a new car, and traveling at least some (the itch is coming back, but after looking at my savings account, my traveling might be limited to a weekend trip to Ogden). I also decided I need to record my life better. Since I'm the worst journal-writer on the face of the planet and only a slightly better blogger, I decided blogging was the lesser (and more fun) of two evils. I'm excited to see what this year has in store for me.

So here's to a return to blogging and an amazing 2013.

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