Monday, January 7

Things are Getting Fishy Around Here

Today was Rachael's fourteenth birthday. When I was younger, my mom always made us amazing birthday cakes. A few years ago, we started buying ice cream cakes from Cold Stone (they're way easier and they taste great). But this year, Rachael decided she wanted a homemade cake. My mom decided to do a "fish tank" themed cake since Rachael loves shells and fish). We used this pin as inspiration. We used graham crackers for the little towers and crushed grahams for the sand (the original pin uses nuts, but we don't really like them). Our seaweed looks way more pathetic, but that's my fault (fruit roll-ups and laffy taffy are really hard to cut into seaweed shapes). And don't worry, we sanitized all the shells before we put them on the cake.

Happy birthday Rachael!
I hope this year you decide you like pre-made ice cream cakes like the rest of the family. ;)

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