Monday, February 11

Homemade Body Butter/Lotion

Lately I've been reading a lot about natural beauty products. I started using a mixture of coconut oil and Vitamin E on my face and so far it's working really well (I think now that I have shea butter I'll mix in some of that for extra moisture). So when I found a recipe for all-natural body butter, I had to try it. The recipe can be found here

I used olive oil because I didn't have any almond oil and also added some Vitamin E. For fragrance I used a few drops of coconut cream and vanilla oil, but I also have some mango that I'll have to try next time. The fragrances weren't actually as strong as I was expecting once they were mixed into the lotion, but that's okay. 
Next time I'll whip mine for a bit longer because mine is more thin and runny, like lotion, than thick like body butter. But it smells good -- pretty subtle but still sweet -- and absorbs great. 
I'll update with the next batch I make (hopefully mango-scented and thicker). But for now I'm happy with this. 

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