Thursday, February 14

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day was not as bad as I was expecting it to be. Did I miss having a valentine/specifically my valentine from last year? Yes, because even though we're not dating anymore, he's still pretty cool. Did it make me sad seeing all the other girls with flowers and cute stories? Yes . . . let's be honest here. But I did my best to have a positive outlook and it wasn't terrible, even if my day was not romantic. Like AT ALL.

(That's probably for the best since I am seriously so awkward still. Actually people have told me I'm not but I definitely feel that way).

I went to dinner with some friends and then saw Warm Bodies and I thought it was actually pretty good. After that we got frozen yogurt. And a few people brought treats to class earlier in the day so I filled the romantic void in my life with sugar. I will definitely regret that tomorrow . . .

That empty wrapper is the remains of a strawberry cupcake with nutella frosting that one girl brought to my Transatlantic Lit class. I definitely approved.

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