Monday, May 27

Memorial Day Weekend

My family has a tradition of going up to Tremonten and Penrose, Utah, to put flowers on my relatives' graves. My grandpa is buried there now, but so are my great-grandparents and great-great-grandparents. 
These are the graves of the Borgstrom brothers. Four of them were killed over a 6-month period in World War II. The last brother was brought home. You can read more about it here and here. I can't even imagine what that must have been like for their family. This article talks about how closely the story parallels the movie Saving Private Ryan.
This is my grandpa.
This is the house he grew up in. Unfortunately, his dad sold it for cheap and the man who bought it uses it as (junk) storage, so it's in terrible condition. It makes me sad that it looks like this now.
Here's some of the wallpaper that's still left.
After we went to Tremonten and Penrose, we drove to Logan for a Mountain Man Rendezvous. It's interesting to see all the people who dress up for this and camp out and obviously kind of wish they could live like that all the time. Some of them look like they were born 200 years too late and would have fit in better in the 1800s.
Yes, we did see an old guy wearing a loin cloth. I took a couple pictures of that, but I'll spare your eyes. He looked sort of like the guy wearing a diaper in Tangled.

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