Monday, June 3

I Love Weekends

This weekend was really fun. On Friday I went to the Living Planet Aquarium. I used to work there so most of it was really familiar to me, but they have added three River Otters since I quit so at least that was new. Just as a warning, I didn't really take many pictures and the ones I took weren't great. Oops.
Don't let these pictures scare you away from the aquarium. Everything looks better than this in real life. On Saturday John and I went to Park City. We spent a couple hours at the Outlet Stores and then drove up to Old Main Street. While we were there I saw a Banksy, which was exciting for me and not so exciting for John, mostly because the foreign country I've lived in is England the foreign country he's lived in is Guatemala. Don't let it fool you. It looks like graffiti but it's worth a lot of money.

After the Banksy encounter we got some of the best ice cream I've had in a while. The flavor was apparently the most popular one in the store ("Wowie Cowie") and even though the name made me feel a little skeptical, it was really good. I can't resist dark chocolate pieces, Heath bar, and caramel, even if they're all mixed into a dessert named after a cow.
We drove home through Provo Canyon, which was beautiful. The ulterior motive behind this was that I wanted to try Popeyes. (There's only one in Utah so it's kind of a big deal). Also, I not-so-secretly wish I was from the South. I routinely have cravings for gumbo and I wish that I was allowed to eat biscuits and gravy and LOTS of butter for every meal. The only reason I can figure that I'm not is because God knew I'd be morbidly obese if he allowed me to be born to a Southern family. (Not that Southern families are fat necessarily. I'm just addicted to the food and I have no self-control). 

The wait was pretty long for fast food but I actually thought it was really good. Plus you can order green beans with bacon or red beans and rice as a side instead of fries and that is probably one of the most amazing ideas I've ever heard of. Since it's not like we spent a bunch of money already just driving to and from Park City and buying tons of food, we decided to go see Now You See Me. (This was after John decided he wanted a chocolate shake from In-N-Out and then announced right before we got to the window to pay--6.4 seconds later---that he didn't feel like eating one anymore so I had to help and that was waaaaay too much ice cream for one day). Anyway. I liked the movie but the end kind of confused me and I really don't like when there's a supernatural/cop-out explanation for things (like at the end of the newest Indiana Jones). If you're going to write a screenplay you better explain everything at the end instead of just wimping out and blaming everything on magic. Unless you're JK Rowling and you wrote Harry Potter. And on Sunday while I was driving to John's house I saw this and had to take a picture. The clouds have been really great lately.
Ignore the reflection in the glass. I told you this wasn't my proudest photography week.

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