Sunday, June 30

Visiting Teaching Freebie

Today my friend Palmis and I decided to actually drop by and meet the girls we were recently assigned to visit teach. We were planning on making cookies, but realized that after 2 hours of meetings on top of 3 hours of church (and more visits later that night), we weren't really feeling like dragging out all of the ingredients and mixing them up. Also it's 100+ degrees in Utah right now (and like 0% humidity, aka we're living in an oven, so I don't really feel like baking in one too).

I remembered that I made some visiting teaching treat bags last summer with a "s'mores" theme, so I went and found the files and the pictures (from a previous blog) and thought I'd share them again. Sorry for the quality of the pictures -- the originals are somewhere on my old laptop, so for now I'm using downloads from my old blog. I'll update these soon.
We included a couple of graham crackers, some chocolate, and a few marshmallows, then packaged them in cellophane bags and tied them with twine. Easy peasy.

Click [here] to download a PDF version of the s'mores tags.
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