Saturday, June 29

Bahamas Cruise Part 3: The Islands

There was so much to do on the cruise ship (70s/80s music trivia, shows, games, movies, shopping, dining, etc.) but during our down time, I really liked to sit out on our deck. It was so beautiful and we saw quite a few flying fish. They looked like little birds flying above the water, but they were obviously fish because they'd all dive in eventually and not come back up. Too bad they were so far away or I would have tried to get a video of it.
We visited three islands: Halfmoon Cay, Nassau, and Grand Turk. Halfmoon Cay was definitely the most beautiful in my opinion. It's owned by Carnival, so it's relatively undeveloped and we spent most of our time wandering around the trails and finding snails in the rocks out by the shallow water around the edges of the island.
This is the "sassy grandma snail" according to Kristen. It kind of makes sense. It was way bigger than the other ones we found (obviously a grandma since it had been living so long) and it had a leopard pattern which is apparently "sassy."
Again I was pretty bad at taking pictures . . . between wanting to swim 24/7 and having sunburnt shoulders that really didn't want to carry a camera around, I only snapped a few pictures on my iPhone. Oh, well. My parents have like five more I think that I may or may not add into this post someday.

Nassau didn't have a really pretty beach (at least in the area we went to), but it had lots of shopping and big houses like the one in Pirates of the Carribean. We bought ships in bottles and pretty shells and Kristen got an Alexandrite ring for her graduation present (it's cool because it changes from blue to green depending on the light).

I'm ready to go back to the Bahamas now. It's been just as hot here lately and we don't have an ocean, so I think it's time to go on a vacation again.

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