Monday, July 29

Target Mirror Makeover

I already have a big, nice upright mirror in one of the corners of my room. However, I really want a little reading nook with an armchair and the mirror corner is the only place that might be able to fit. So I started looking for a way to have a mirror in my room, but take up much less space. Enter this mirror from Target:
This one isn't actually mine, it's Kristen's. I forgot to take a "before shot." But mine was exactly the same minus the stickers. I bought it a few years ago to take to college and hang in my dorm room, so I wasn't super concerned with how it looked. Lately I've been really into silver and gold (obvious from my last project), so I decided to make this one metallic too.

I taped off the edges of the mirror and then taped on newspaper to cover the entire thing (I didn't want any paint on the reflective part, just the frame). Then I spray painted everything gold.
I like the finished project (ignore the clutter in the reflection, oops). It actually looks like a metal frame instead of a flimsy wood one.
I like that it still looks classy, but it takes up so much less room because I can hang it on the back of my door. Plus the original mirror cost something like $5 and I've had it for years, so price-wise it was perfect.

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