Monday, July 22

Dream Car + Weekend

I've really wanted an Audi TT for a few years, so now that I'm graduated/working/living at home I decided it was time. It took a few months of looking and a road trip to Colorado, but this baby is finally mine!
I love everything about it and it's much more luxurious than my old car (tan leather interior, heated seats/mirrors...)  Not that it's hard to be more luxurious than my 2001 Volkswagen Cabrio was.  (Side note: I didn't think these were particularly amazing pictures since they were snapped really quickly on my phone. I emailed them to my little brother, who's on a mission in Chile. He said, "It looks like you've been making good use of your nice camera. Either that or the new iPhone has an extremely nice camera." Guess someone's been gone for a long time).

The salesman in Colorado told my mom while I was out on a test drive that they were taking a $4,000 loss on the car because they'd had it for a year and no one wanted it. It had just been sitting in the showroom. They couldn't figure out why, then a few months ago someone took it on a test drive and told them that it was making a weird sound. They looked and found out that a headlight or something was loose, and figured that must be making a rattling noise. They fixed it, but still nobody wanted the car.

We bought it and were halfway home when it started making a really bad noise. I almost had a heart attack thinking we'd bought a broken car. My dad looked under the hood and found a piece of plastic that was getting caught in the fan. We're still not sure how it got in there since it was actually a cover for a Volkswagen part, but my dad had it out in a few minutes and now the car runs perfectly. Thanks, little piece of plastic, for saving me $4,000.

On Sunday I had to give a talk in church, which was an experience all in itself. I was asked to speak for 10 minutes, the guy before me 7. What really happened was the guy before me began by saying, "As most of you know, my favorite constellation is Orion" (maybe it's a conversation starter he uses...?) and then rambled on for 25 minutes. I honestly don't even know what his topic was. Ahem. So I abridged my talk in order to give the guy speaking after me at least 5 minutes for his talk. What can I say? I'm a giver. Then I spent the rest of the day split between John's house and my house. I managed to catch this uncle/niece bonding time on film phone.
Contemplating the meaning of life.
An enthralling game of "Who's that baby in the mirror?"
And my personal favorite, Alexis's "Silly John, you think I'm that easily impressed?" face.

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