Monday, July 15


This weekend was the perfect summer weekend -- movie theater, batting cages, picnic at the lake, bicycle riding, Hill Air Force Base Museum ... I'm still happy just thinking about it.

John made friends with a duck.
A super talented duck. (Watch it full screen so you can see just how talented).

And I fed some too, but in this picture it looks like I'm feeding imaginary ducks. She's actually there in the bottom of the picture diving for a piece of macaroni salad. This was shortly after the giant geese left, so I was feeling pretty good (if you'd been chased by an army of geese when you were little you wouldn't like them either).
Then we went to a movie (Grown Ups 2, which sadly I wouldn't recommend to anyone. Disappointing/stupid/gross. DON'T EVEN REDBOX IT). The next day we decided to test out my parents' electric bicycles. I didn't know such a thing existed before they bought them, but they're pretty cool. Once you pedal to a certain speed, the motor kicks in and they go by themselves. Or if you're lazy you can just use the throttle on the handlebars. Now THIS is summer.
I also made John come to Gordman's with me to look at some decorating stuff (he thought he was really funny and followed me down the aisles just far enough behind that I spent like 5 minutes wondering where he was, so at least one of us is easily entertained). We saw this rainbow on the way. It's not a great picture, but it was the weirdest rainbow I've ever seen (like big rainbow splotches instead of one long bow).
And now it's Monday and I'm back to work. So much for summer vacation . . . good thing I like my job.

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