Friday, July 19

Faux Metal Letter Project

I've always been a big fan of metal letters like the ones sold by Pottery Barn and Anthropologie. But honestly, I'm pretty cheap when it comes to decorating my room because A) I just don't like spending money and B) I change my mind all the time, which translates to buying things and deciding I don't like them a few months later. So there was no way I was going to buy any expensive metal letters. Enter Hobby Lobby. I bought this cardboard letter for about a dollar (gotta love those 40% off coupons):
And then spent all of 15 minutes spray painting it (excuse the random grass. I remembered to snap a picture of the "before" right as I was about to lay down my newspaper and start spraying. Clearly I am a super-professional blogger). I decided that I didn't really care to have a "worn" look, so a couple coats of silver worked for me. And voila. From cardboard to metal.
It's by no means a new concept, but the project is super easy, especially since the paint already adheres really well to the cardboard--no sanding or priming required. A three-year-old could do this, which makes it my favorite kind of project. If it has too many steps, I get bored/distracted halfway through and it gets thrown in a box (while I tell myself I'll "finish it later"), never to be seen again.
I'm not sure that its current spot  on top of my red roll-top desk will be permanent because I think it could work well on the collage wall I'm planning (but choosing not to work on until my bedroom is repainted). For now, it's sitting on top of one of my favorite books I bought in London, next to my little Eiffel Tower from Paris. They don't match at all and that makes me happy. The silver letter may move soon though because I'm second-guessing myself and thinking maybe this arrangement is too cluttered. Any thoughts? 

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