Thursday, August 1

Summer Activities

Lately I've been really trying to actually do things after I get home from work. It's so easy to say that you're tired/worn out/don't want to go anywhere and just plop down in front of the TV or computer, but you make a lot more memories and have more fun when you expend a little energy.

In the past few weeks (or month . . .) we've gone to the Hill Air Force Base Museum, the lake, driven up through Butterfield Canyon a few times, randomly decided to drive to Popeye's for dinner, been to City Creek and a rodeo, the drive-in, washed cars, ridden bikes, and, one of my personal favorite new discoveries, painted a mug at Color Me Mine.

This is probably more my thing and not so much John's thing, but I think we both enjoyed it. And today I got to go pick our mug up, all shiny and fired (kilned? . . . I don't even know). Wish I had some pictures of what it looked like before it was put in the kiln, but John took them and he's in Idaho.
I'm a much happier person when I'm not being lazy (despite the insane heat we're having this year). So I'm sorry to all the people that get to hear me whine that I want to go do something all the time without actually giving any suggestions about what I want to go do . . . but thanks for doing fun things with me. I like to feel connected to people and I feel the most connected when we're doing things together.

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