Tuesday, August 6

Miller Family Reunion 2013

My dad's side of the family started having a reunion a few years back, and I guess my mom felt a little left out because she planned one for her family this year. I'm glad she did because it was a lot of fun. We spent the weekend in a big cabin in Brian Head just hanging out and eating and talking and laughing.
I got up Saturday and Sunday morning before there were too many people awake and snapped a few shots of the cabin. I love the way mountain mornings feel.
We brought a scanner and asked everyone to bring their old pictures so we could get them all in one place and send them to everyone.
Kristen did the scanning.
Grandma did the puzzling.
And of course there was a lot of food preparation involved.
We divided equal amounts of time spoiling my cousin's baby, Kynzlee, and going on walks through the forest. We also played a game where you have to write one thing no one (or at least no one except your immediate family) knows about you. Then you put all the papers in a hat and guess who wrote each one. I discovered that FIVE members of the Miller family have fake front teeth. FIVE out of TWENTY-TWO. That's a pretty high statistic for one family (unless your family is either really young or really old).
My mom came up with the idea of making some family reunion shirts for everyone. It was all kind of last-minute, but somehow we managed to design them (my part of the process) and find somewhere to get them printed (my mom's part of the process) all in a couple days. And when you have matching shirts, you have to get a giant group shot so posterity can look back and laugh.
Also required: the standard goofy shot.
We had a lot of fun. This picture proves it.
I'm so glad my mom planned the reunion because I've never had the chance to spend a weekend with her family (or at least not with all of us there in the same place the entire time). It was great to get out of the heat and to stay in the mountains, which were really peaceful and beautiful. The only downside is that now I really want a cabin. Christmas in the mountains anyone?

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