Friday, August 16

Silver Lake

The first date John and I ever went on was to Silver Lake, even though we'd met before his mission. That was a little over two years ago now (August 15, 2011). I like to think we've moved up a little in life because at that point John was driving his parents' SUV and we got free food from Quizno's (and even that was more than we could afford). It may also be worth mentioning that he had to stop at exactly 7:00 PM and take a pill to kill all the lurking parasites hiding out in his been-home-from-the-mission-for-five-days body (that was definitely the first/only time a date has told me something that interesting) and he got eaten alive by mosquitos (as if having to tell your date you have a prescription to de-worm yourself isn't bad enough). But he made it through the night and I wasn't scared away by the fact that parasites and bloodsuckers are obviously attracted to him.

So today I thought it would be fun to go back up there and walk around. The weather was perfect and everything was beautiful. I love summer.
This is the face he makes 95% of the time when I tell him to smile for a picture. It's not very pronounced because I didn't give him much time to get all cheesy, but I swear this face looks like the Grinch's smile (just way more sarcastic).
Utah has had really amazing sunsets lately because of all the fires burning (which I really do feel bad about). I've caught a few on camera and this was one of my favorites. I took it on the drive home through Big Cottonwood Canyon.

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