Thursday, August 15

Choose Joy Print Photo Shoot

I decided that I was going to put my "choose joy" print up on Etsy. (Will anyone ever buy it? Probably not). Update: by some miracle, people actually have bought prints of it! Self esteem = restored.

So I snapped a couple pictures of it and I think they turned out pretty well. Right now I've got the original framed on my wall and I love it (until I get tired of it at least).
The pearls were a Valentine's Day present from John a couple years back that I don't get to wear as much as I'd like to (unfortunately, I don't have a reason to get dressed up and wear pearl strands regularly).
I'm really happy with the frame. It looks expensive, but I actually found it at Ikea for $9.99. I was  tempted to stock up, but I'm not sure what I'd do with a bunch of gold frames other than put them in the storage space I don't have. Sooo hopefully Ikea holds on to these babies for a few years because I'm obsessed with gold and I'm sure I could figure out something to do with them in the future.

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