Thursday, November 14

Another Conversation

Last night John discovered this game on his phone where you shoot deer. He was really intrigued by it but I was busy telling him about something I'd seen on Facebook. A girl had said that she was allergic to "the actual fruit pineapple" and I thought that was funny because A) as opposed to the fake fruit? and B) If you say you're allergic to pineapple, you obviously mean the fruit. If not you would have said "I'm allergic to pineapple flavoring." (Okay, so it's not that funny. But it was).

Soooo I was expounding on this.

Me: "If I said, 'I'm allergic to bananas,' people wouldn't assume I was allergic to banana flavoring but not the actual fruit."
John: (Super distracted by his game) "I'm related to bananas."
Me: "What?"
John: (Realizing what he just said) "I'm allergic to bananas . . . I'm busy killin things!"

Moral of the story: virtual deer hunting + actual human conversations don't mix.

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