Tuesday, November 19

Just When You Think You Know Someone...

I realize that no one except me actually finds this post interesting, but this little gem came from the guy who makes it a point to never NEVER post any pictures of people on Instagram (just shoes. Or food. Or remote-controlled helicopters).
When I saw it I almost had a heart attack. It was just that shocking. And also probably the nicest Instagram I've ever been not tagged in. ;)

Side note: First of all, this is not my hat. I'm not a hat person. I just tried this hat on in Jackson Hole and for some reason John took a picture of it. Also, I am fairly certain I'm not this fuzzy in real life. Well, except for my legs Monday-Saturday. Does anyone else agree that there is absolutely NO point in shaving your legs during the winter except for on Sundays when you have to wear a skirt? 

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