Monday, December 2

Christmas is Coming

Christmas is definitely my favorite holiday. So of course Kristen and I had to start getting ready the day after Thanksgiving. We saw this idea for Glitter Reindeer Canvas Art and brought all the supplies down to Las Vegas with us. We decided to make ours a little more Christmas-y looking since let's face it, I'm not going to be displaying a glittered reindeer silhouette all year long so I was fine with it looking very holidayish.
Side note: my hair is not orange. I'm not really sure what's going on in this picture.
We used gold metallic acrylic paint and just glittered the antlers. I still need to go buy some sealant so we don't have to worry about the glitter falling off.
When we got home on Saturday we decided to decorate the Christmas tree, since Kristen was heading back down to Provo the next day. This is the big, fancier tree that we decorate with glass ornaments, but it still doesn't have a certain color theme. We like our Christmas Tree to look like a family tree and have everyone help decorate it. Not that there's anything wrong with having a tree that looks professionally decorated -- we just think it feels a little too much like a hotel lobby.
A few years back we bought a smaller tree that we decorate with our huge collection of handmade/non-fancy ornaments. This year I contributed my dried orange slice ornaments, cranberry and popcorn strands, candy canes, and cinnamon gingerbread men. I'm a huge fan of handmade-looking trees, so I've been making a few ornaments every year since I moved down to college. (The tree skirt is also mine. I bought it at a really cute Christmas store in South Dakota). 
Our Christmas Tree decorating tradition includes playing Christmas music, Mom and the kids putting all the ornaments on, Dad putting the star on, and drinking eggnog afterwards. We also try to either decorate the brother or the dog.
It's more fun to decorate Jared though because he doesn't run around like a crazy man trying to shake everything off. Luckily he'll be home from his mission in February so he should be around next Christmas.

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