Tuesday, December 3


Last night we had tickets for the Jazz vs. the Rockets so we got to witness this (the Bear silly stringed this guy's beer so the guy dumped it all over the Bear's head . . . and this was retaliation). Probably an act. But still. Sports fans are so weird.
After the game we went to McDonald's to get some nuggets and fries. They gave me the wrong sauce so John went in to get the right one. Apparently when he got to the counter some huge Polynesian guy was yelling at/threatening the workers because his fish sandwich was "crooked." Can you blame the guy? A fish filet not put onto your bun perfectly straight is a big deal.

John was behind him and he turned around and started yelling at him asking what he was looking at. And apparently he insinuated he was going to beat him up . . . luckily when John told him he needed to calm down he didn't beat anyone up. I'm always surprised (not in a good way) by what people think they're entitled to and the stupid things they get upset about. I'm not sure that having your fish sandwich be a little crooked is A) reason for McDonald's to give you a new one, B) reason to harass/drop F bombs at the little Hispanic ladies behind the counter, or C) reason to threaten the other customers in the restaurant.

The saddest part is the guy had a (very embarrassed) girlfriend there with him. If that's how he reacts to something so little I'd hate to imagine how he reacts if she ever upsets him.

Luckily I'm dating a really nice guy who managed to get me my hot mustard even after being yelled at by a guy three times his size. Chicken nuggets are really not very good without it.

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